mygoodrabbit replied to your post: Kirby, what the fuck

that is one attractive cat

I know, and it seriously gives me the shits because I couldn’t be mad at him for only letting me get four hours sleep.

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countthelions — Aly for the character meme?

1. In Aly’s canon, his eyes are a dark red. Almost brown?


3. He has fangs. honest to god fucking fangs and he gets teased a lot because he’s the only one in his family that ended up with them.

4.He loves really intensely. His wife was all “honey, I love you but seriously find some way to redirect or less laser align that shit” so he started to throw himself into his work a lot. He can be very intense. 

5. His mum and his dad met at a function for some fucking demon reintegration thing and fell in love pretty hard.

6. His first love was his wife, Diane. She was pretty much the sun and the moon for him and their children and she died of old age. 

7. character name generator gave me Lord Hellfire. no, really.

8. I don’t quite know right now. In his canon, probs either Leo or someone else. IDK.

9. Dogs. Flat out. He loves them.

10. Aly’s second son was born with massive hearing problems. He ends up getting the equivalent of hearing aids and goes on to be a pretty successful musician! 

He was in the army for 100 years or so, and he’s kind of the pet Knight of his family’s patron god and the man is a meddlesome twat.

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leviathanbones replied to your post “you know who I’m (danny’s danny is asking) asking for don’t even front give me mordred”

oh man u gonna get a fight over squall scars don’t talk smack about my son

it’s fisticuffs time

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Kirby, what the fuck

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zeowynda — Danny! Version of your choice.


1. He has heterochromia! One green, one blue.

2. dragon age danny is seventeen when shit starts to go DOWN

3. He’s ginger.Massively so. He has more freckles then anyone knows what to do with, to the point where he may as well be more freckle than person.

4. He has a massive abandonment complex! Also, he has a son he writes to all the damn time and he never gets to really meet. 

5. Danny’s mum was dalish, father was not. Long story short, they both died because the plot device said they did.In my headcanon, his dad was a clan tattooist and his mother a hunter. She killed herself after the loss of one of her sons, and her remaining children and her husband learned what Depression meant. 

6. Danny’s first love was this man who used to come by the dalish camp sometimes, when they were in the area. He was welcomed, even though he was human, mostly because he brought news of the outside world and never did anything he wasn’t supposed to.

7. I booted up dragon age origins and made a ginger by accident.

8. GOD IT DEPENDS. The list is as long as my arm,mostly b/c I write him with a lot of people and he’s also  ho.

9. BEAR.

10. Danny has a lifebond with a forest spirit in the shape of a bear. They’ll live as long as each other which Danny feels IMMENSELY GUILTY FOR. 

His full name is Kidan Mahariel.

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blueelectricangels — Thade? (Or Doyle...I am biased)

I’ll do doyle for u friend

1. doyle is a monstrosity with really bright green eyes.

2. when saint’s row four rocks around he’s closer to forty

3. He was born without any pigment in his hair! So he dyes it pink because fuck the police.

4. He’s ridiculously a-moral. He makes decisions based around the cost benefit analysis and not around whether or not it’s a good thing to do.

5. His parents are suburban middle class royalty man, they were highschool sweethearts.

6. Doyle doesn’t do romantic love.Not that he doesn’t love people, it’s just not the BE ALL AND END ALL ROMANCE that everyone expects.

7. Saint’s row happened. I’m sorry.

8. DEPENDS. He does sleep around but mostly he ends up with Matt. 

9. Cougar. for obvious reasons.

10. BONUS: doyle broke out of prison when he found out his brother had cancer. Well, not so much broke out as got the shit beaten out of himself so he had to be released for medical treatment. He never does run right again.

There’s only one person you could say he loves with any finality (until matt and johnny come along) and that’s his little brother. He’ll kill for that kid.

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pairofpoots — Character Meme: Vale.

oh shit ok HERE WE GO

1. Vale has this weird aquamarine coloured eyes THANKS TO BEING A SPACE SMURF

2. He’s been dead for A While but when he died he was twenty four

3.He and his brother have the same facial tattoos/markings! Mostly because they’re my fav but also because they each thought the other was dead FOREVER and it was an awkward remembrance thing which turned hilarious. Their father looked the same.

4.Vale will always,without fail, try to seek a peaceful solution to a situation.Which can get awkward.

5. His mother was from the Reef, their father was earthborn Awoken and he and vandal were the result of a few years of intense romance followed by some shooting.

6. Vale hasn’t ever had the opportunity to be in love.He was always focused on the Light, what he can do with it. It never occured to him to hurt anyone with it.

7. I wanted a warlock for destiny, and he sort of. Happened. He’s a giant goober and it’s been a lot of fun playing him.

8. NOBODY YET. He hangs around his brother and their friend a lot. We’ll see.

9. He likes tigers. They get shit done.

10. bonus round:

Vale is often tongetied in the presence of attractive people and it is difficult to look mysterious when you’re falling all over yourself. 

He once ate a week old apple as a dare and can’t stand them to this day.

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The Fifth Element Character Posters - Created by Anthony Genuardi

Posters available for sale at his Etsy Shop. You can also follow him on Tumblr or Facebook.

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i drew that like a month ago

how i played dishonored

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